A New Beginning

Emerging from the darkness

to begin again.

Dandelions and Others Like Them

An extreme freeze hit the garden last month.  It took time to see the results, but most plants are damaged. There are survivors out there, like these Dandelions in the middle of a sad pile of Peter Pan Agapanthus.

Oh yes, the Dandelions have some very hardy friends such as these Oxalis next to rotting Bulbines.

The Dollar Weed looks like a million bucks next to the frost bitten Russelia. The weather is warming and I am holding out hope that my  frozen plants will come back.  Otherwise, I guess I could learn to embrace the weeds…some aren’t too bad.



We are having another year with hard freezes.  There are more to come this week, but I think the first freeze took all the plants that couldn’t take the cold temperatures.  At first I didn’t think the freeze was that bad, but I day or so later the damage was evident. (Click to enlarge)

Amazingly, there are some flowers that are still blooming, including a climbing rose at a top of a tree.  On the pink camellia a tiny bee is looking food.  I will be getting plenty of exercise cutting back beds of plants killed by the freeze.

It’s Cold

Well, what we near the Gulf Coast call cold.  We had a hard freeze and I was surprised to see the hummingbird feeder frozen… complete with a drip.

Apparently, we also had sleet/freezing rain.  But not to worry, it is going to be 70 degrees by Sunday.

First Picking

The winter lettuce garden is doing well.  I love the planter on wheels that I can move from a hard rain or freezing temperatures.

I had my first picking just the other day.  The small lettuce bed will provide a daily side salad for lunch.


Monarch Munching

Before the snow and the freeze, I took this shot of a Monarch Caterpillar munching away on this Butterfly Weed.

I was wondering if the caterpillar made it through the cold snap. I spotted a Monarch Butterfly flying around the plants yesterday and a smaller caterpillar feeding on the leaves.  I guess they can take a bit of cold.



Winter Wonderland

We had snow!  And why not in this crazy year of weather.  As we found out, records are meant to be broken.

The snow fell in the early morning hours.  As soon as the sun comes up, it will be gone.  Parents pulled children from their beds to play outside in the predawn darkness.

I was in my PJ’s snapping these photos in the dark when I heard the Banded Owl hooting from various locations in the yard.  The owl was probably baffled by the snow. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas, let it snow…until it hits 48 degrees this afternoon.  A true Texas day.