Rainy Day

We have had several days of rain in the area and today was our big day.  So far we have had about 3 inches, but other parts of the city received at least 8 inches.  I went out to clear a clog.

We have a French drain that carries the rainwater across the yard, down a drain to a pipe and out to the street.  It doesn’t take much to clog it.

The birds were hungry on this wet day and while I was taking care of them, I noticed how pretty my gingers were glistening with rain.  The gingers are Hedychium coccineum.

Some Like the Rain

The huge amount of rain we received was welcomed by some plants.  The Rain Lilies enjoyed all the moisture and poked out of the ground with blooms.  All the water has drained and the raised beds were in need of a watering.  We are all anxiously waiting for Fall weather when the temperatures drop down to the high 80’s.

Nearly Drowned

I should have known better, but I did not bring in my potted plants before Imelda hit.  I wasn’t the only one not expecting that much rain.  Luckily, I had no where to go and my house was fine.  Others were not as fortunate. Some plants did fine with the 9 inches we received in about 90 minutes, but others prefer it to be a bit drier.

We also experienced one of the worst lightning storms I’ve ever been in. Notice the ball of strikes and at the top it reads the lightning is 0 miles from me. My area accumulated over 20 inches in 2 days, but officially Imelda dropped a total of 43 inches in parts of Texas.  It is the 5th wettest storm in US history with Harvey, also in Texas, coming in first with 60.5 inches of rain just two years ago.

I did not recognize  the foreboding sign of the impending storm when I found my Hurricane Lily had bloomed. I didn’t know it was still alive and I didn’t even take a picture of it.  Next time I will pay attention.

Flashback Friday


What a difference a few years make. My area and other parts of the country had been suffering from a drought.  Ours broke in the spring with two big flooding events and this winter many parts of the country are getting deluged with rain and snow.  Take a look back to 2013 and checkout Glorious Rain.

Flashback Friday


Rain.  Three years ago my post was about the lack of rain.  As they say in these parts, if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute.  Unfortunately, the drought lasted a little longer.  We have had two major flood events here this year.  As of this date a year ago, we’ve had 72.52 inches of rain about 20 inches over the yearly average.

Check it out…Rain.


Rain, Rain Go Away


It has been raining since last Friday.


It is not going to stop until Monday.  My area received 5 to 7 inches in the last two days.  The nearest rain gauge has been washed away.


I have just given up on the bed with the big pot in it.  My neighborhood is safe.  Others near rivers are not so lucky and hundreds have been evacuated.  Cattle are being driven down roads to high ground and horses are standing on porches while helicopters drop feed.



We are experiencing our second flood since April 18th, the Tax Day Flood.  Our closest river and lake are out of  their banks.  The photos are of the greenbelt that winds through the wooded areas of our community.  The black paint on the path marks the way to two different streets.


This is the view looking straight down the path.


And this is to the left.  The overflow is from the lake which is man-made from damming the river.  No walks through the woods today. This greenbelt is less than two blocks from my house.  We are high and dry, but not everyone is so fortunate.

Here are the stats. Friday it rained 7.6 inches.  This past week we had 11.36 inches making the amount since April 29th to be 15.32 inches of rainfall.

And as of last May 29,2015,  72.48 inches of rain has fallen. These readings are from the county rain gauge closest to the neighborhood.  Our drought is definitely over!

Flashback Friday

We have been suffering through several years of drought, which is highly unusual for this region as we  normally have too much rain.  We have gone from driving through high water and violent thunder storms to water rationing.  Now the rains have returned.  All those drought tolerant plants we were encourage to use are not very happy. Even the raised beds are soggy.

We received 5.5 inches of rain in the last 30 days and 66 inches for the last 365 days.  Our average is about 52.69 inches.

This week’s flashback is to 2013 when a rainy day was an event to photograph.

Glorious Rain

From Drought to Drown

After several years of drought and water rationing, we are back to having rain.  My area received 4.20″ in that last 7 days with most of it coming within 2 days and 51.44″ for this year to date.  Some neighborhoods received more.  Plants are sitting in water and all the drought tolerant plants we were encouraged to  plant probably aren’t happy.

The stepping stones through the wooded part of the garden are covered with water and the yard makes sucking noises as I walk.  Gutters are still running even though the rain has stopped.  We are on alert as our local river may spill over its banks, in contrast to the new “islands” that showed up in the river during the drought.

The yard is drained by a underground French drain which is still flowing out towards the street.

The earth is ever changing with warm winters turning back to cold and dry times reverting to wet.  The amazing native plants and trees of the Gulf Coast take it in stride and continue on.



At last, some rain.  There was nothing to do but sit on the porch, feel the cool wind and listen to the raindrops and the roll of the thunder.


Rain is hard to photograph when you are not a professional.  Hopefully, this works somewhat.  It is a Chocolate Plant (Pseuderanthemum alatum) that came up in the cobble rock and was covered in water from the over-flow off of the roof. There are a few circles from the raindrops.  This area’s rainfall is 12 inches below normal for this year and lacking 5 feet for the last 5 years since Hurricane Ike.  We will take any drop we can get.