Confederate Rose’s Last Hurrah

These three photos show the the Confederate Rose, Hibiscus mutabilis, changing from white to dark rosy pink.  If you  have been following, you may be asking why are there so many posts on this tree.  Yes, I am obsessed this the Hibiscus mutabilis, but this is its last hurrah.  It is going to have to be cut back after the blooms are gone and it will be many years before it returns to this level of blooms.

In the Pink

Can you imagine sunning on a divine pink flower?

Anole Egg

While preparing a pot for planting, I found this little egg.  I have seen them before, but decided to do some research.  The egg seems to be from an Anole lizard. It is small and rubbery. I thought it would be fun to bring it inside and watch it hatch, but I read it is difficult for the babies to survive.  I reburied it in the pot with hopes that the little lizard will make it on its own.

Changing Flowers : White to Red

Confederate Roses are never boring.  Everyday there is a new shade and combination of color.  Each flower can look different on the same tree.

Love Them and Hate Them : Swamp Sunflowers

These happy, yellow flowers can catch my eye from across the yard. I love to see their sunny petals. I believe these are Helianthus angustifolius and were given to me, as the way most unruly plants get to my garden, by another generous gardener. Or in other words, from someone who had too many of them and I can’t refuse a free plant.

But, I hate the fact that they grow  over six feet tall and eventually fall over, landing in the middle of my beds.

The Swamp Sunflowers lean against the trees and the fence.  And yet, every year I enjoy them so much that I can’t bring myself to remove all the plants that come up. I collect their seeds to hopefully pass along to someone else that likes free plants.

Confederate Rose Beauties

After my first Confederate Rose post this year, a reader suggested that I show the progress of the blooms.  Enjoy…more to come.


The day was cold and sunny which made it perfect for a gator hunt.

In the above photos we got to witness the circle of life and I’m not showing the graphic picture.  And no, it was not one of the ducks floating near by.  We were less than 10 feet from the drama.

This huge alligator was far away across the pond.

The park was filled with all kinds of water fowl.  Two Bald Eagles were playfully circling high above the water, too far for a photo.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to skip over the lily pads?  A nice thought to pondered at the end of our outing.

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