Never Met a Volunteer I Didn’t Like


What is it with plants growing in cracks and in between rocks?  Balsam Impatiens seeds made it down the garden path and planted themselves in the rocks.  There is hardly any soil and nothing to retain moisture, and yet they are some of the more robust of the Balsams in the garden.


How this Pink Flamingo Feather Celosia landed here is a mystery as the other ones are far away and have been struggling to survive.  It may have had help from a bird.  The plant might be more successful with reproduction in this spot.


In the middle of the Pentas, this Cockscomb Celosia came up.  The Pentas were purchased new this year and I believe the Celosia was mixed in at the greenhouse.

I find the habits of plants to be fascinating and their ability to reproduce and even move to new locations amazing.  All volunteers are welcome…even if they don’t match the other flowers in the bed!

Flashback Friday

I am flashing back to another Gluten Free recipe.   This Chilled Vegetable Salad is great for anyone and I am often asked for the recipe.

I mentioned the salad can be make from canned or frozen vegetables, but after reading on everyone’s blogs that it is harvest time, fresh vegetables would be a good addition.

It is also easy to transport to a gathering.



Chilled Vegetable Salad

Monarch Update

Good news from Monarch Watch.  The number of Monarch Butterfly sightings and egg count have increased.  It is not as high as in the past, but the population has grown this year.  Monarch Watch is asking that Milkweed be planted in the migration corridor from Minnesota through Texas for the fall migration to Mexico.


Although it may be too late to plant, unless a full grown plant can be found, plan ahead for the Monarchs’ journey north next spring.

I had a some visiting butterflies in the spring and spotted a few caterpillars.  My Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) is ready and waiting.

Go to Monarch Watch ( ) for more information.

Flashback Friday


For some reason there has not been many toads this year in the garden.  There have been lizards galore, a turtle and lots of rabbits.  But, it is not the year of the toad.  Click to see a look back

Is This Really Comfortable?

A Good Spot

DSC_0144A good hunting spot was found by this Anole Lizard on top of a blooming Philippine Lily.

DSC_0150The Anole has been hanging out there for days.  Maybe he is just enjoying the pleasant scent of the lily.

Flashback Friday

The other part of my blog is Gluten Free recipes.  I knew I would never be able to keep up a GF blog, as I am not as passionate about cooking or photographing food.

The main reason I included this part to the blog was to provide easy GF recipes made of everyday ingredients that can be bought in any grocery store.  When I was first diagnosed, I was hungry and confused. There was not much help out there.

My recipes are for the newly diagnosed and the HUNGRY!  Not to mention, they can be shared with family and friends.

The dish I am highlighting is BBQ Chicken made in a slow cooker.  Yes, not on the grill!  Summertime is for grilling, but believe it or not, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees, it is just too hot to be outside grilling.

This Chicken is great for anytime of the year and will be enjoyed by even those that aren’t Gluten Free.


Easy Chicken BBQ


Please Don’t Eat the Daisies


This post was going to be titled “The Daisies Finally Bloomed”, but the deer got to them before the daisies were photographed.  They manged to bite off almost every flower and trample the plants.  It even looks as if some creature took a nap in the middle of the daisies and flattened them out.


The deer have not been visiting the front yard for awhile, but now they are back munching and tasting every plant and shrub they pass by. Hopefully, the daisies will have better luck next year.


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