Flashback Friday



Flashing back to sunny flowers for sunny days.

Something About Yellow

The Balsam Impatiens Tour Continues


Last summer a stop at Monticello gave me a chance to photograph the Balsam Impatiens growing in Thomas Jefferson’s garden.  I have also seen them growing in the Old North Church in Boston.  This year’s trip lead me to George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Balsam Impatiens (right corner) are lining the garden bed.  I often wonder who brought these plants to America and who passed the seeds along.

The Balsam Impatiens that I am growing in the Automatic Garden are originally from Mt. Vernon.  I love these plants and blog about them often.  They reseed themselves, germinate, and bloom twice a year in this climate.


Here is a shot of Mt. Vernon on the side facing the Potomac.  I seem to visit these houses during renovations.

Flashback Friday


There is no better way to start the day, than opening the blinds to a newly blooming flower.

Take a look at this Flashback Friday, Morning Surprises.

All Together

To conclude the Summer of the Moth, here are all the nocturnal visitors together. Which one is your favorite?

DSC_0296Luna Moth


Tersa Sphinx Moth


Banded Sphinx Moth

DSC_0250(rev 0)

Pandora Sphinx Moth




Pandora Sphinx Moth

DSC_0250(rev 0)

This is a photo from a few years ago, but as this seems to be the year of the moth in the garden, I thought I would post it.  This is a Pandora Sphinx Moth.  Its coloring is spectacular and is certainly meant to keep the moth blended into the background.  It is also nocturnal and feeds on nectar.

Flashback Friday


It is time to flashback to some Gluten Free cooking.  There is nothing like some Pulled Pork BBQ in the summer time.  Once the Pulled Pork is made, it can be used in a couple more recipes.  If you have had enough, it is easy to freeze the meat.  I put some extra BBQ sauce on top of the pork before popping it into the freezer.

My favorite is the Tostados.  I love the crunchy tortilla and guacamole.

  • If you know someone that has been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, please send them to my blog.  I have easy recipes made from everyday ingredients and enough variety to keep them cooking for until they figure out how to eat gluten free.


Easy Pulled Pork BBQ

Pulled Pork Tostados

Pulled Pork Arepas Appetizers

Pulled Pork Pupusas

Taking the Heat

Summer days have become extremely hot.  Here on the Gulf Coast a heat index of 108 degrees calls for a heat advisory and this week we reached it.  Humans are told to stay out of the heat and take it easy.  Most of the plants are pretty much doing the same, taking it easy that is.  But, a few flowers can take the heat such as the pair of Zinnias above.


The Tropical Hibiscus scoffs at the high temperatures and has just started blooming.

The Cigar Plant (Cuphea ignea) and Hummingbird Bush (Hamelia patens) do not have spectacular flowers, but Hummingbirds sure love them and are not using the feeder.


For some reason, the Gardenia has started to bloom again.  Their sweet scent is always appreciated.


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