The bed of Balsam Impatiens is now in full bloom.  It self-seeded last fall and the seeds waited out the winter for the perfect time to germinate.


The Balsam Impatiens will soon begin the reseeding cycle for one more blooming period in late summer.  The plants will go to seed again in late fall.

Shrimp Bugs


These lovely creatures have been hatching on the porches week after week.  They don’t seem to live long and the birds, lizards and toads won’t eat them.


They are called lawn shrimp and do look like little shrimps.  They are swept up on a regular basis and added to the garden beds.  Bugs are part of life in a subtropical climate, but some days it is just too much!




This is what happens when a bird feeder is neglected and not properly cleaned out during rainy days.


Above the Flood


This little guy is safe and above the flood.  We are waiting on Tropical Storm Bill and bands of rain have been coming in.  We found this squirrel curled up on the second floor window sill, high and dry.  Our house should actually be fine, but others won’t be so lucky.

Also, check out the grass patch.  It is doing quite well with the rain.

Enjoying the Sun

After having some rainy days, warming up in the sun was the activity for the day.  These two tree frogs clung to a pole and a stick out in the open while they slept for the day.  They serenade all night long, chirping to each other.


This Tiger Swallowtail is huge at 5 1/2 inches long and caught my attention as it rustled the Shrimp Plants close to where I was working.  I have seen about five different kinds of butterflies so far this year.  Hopefully, their numbers will continue to increase.

The Anoles are always warming up in the sun.  The one on the right is showing off by puffing up his dewlap to warn me away.


For some reason, the Skinks have been extra fat this year.  This one is enjoying a hot rock.

Even the Ribbon Snake was out looking for some warmth, but hurried away when the camera came out.

Hydrangea Miracle


Hydrangeas are a common garden shrub bordering on the ordinary for most most gardens.  Not so for this gardener.  I have had hydrangeas drown or just disappear.  Except for the one in the photo.


This one has not had a nice life.  It bloomed maybe two times and was blue once.  It has sat in the wooded area for seven years or more and each year it made fewer leaves and long gave up on flowers.  Having a vacant large pot, I decided to dig up the Hydrangea and give it a second chance.  It received new soil, watchful watering and scheduled fertilizing.  And then the miracle happened.  It bloomed.


A Tasting


This rabbit has become very comfortable in the garden.  Today it came up on the porch and took a sniff and a lick of all the potted plants.  Thankfully, none were to its liking.


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