Clinging for Dear Life


A few months ago, I cut down a vine that was climbing up the brick wall.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the very top of it down.  I figured it would just die and fall off.


That was not to be.  It will be interesting to see how long this vine will cling for life to the wall.

Composter Flower Pot


The power of plants.  They grow in cracks, on rock cliffs, building roofs, and gutters.  These Philippine Violets were not going to give up after being pruned and thrown into the composter.  Incredibly the plants were able to find the small holes to stretch through and receive the sunlight needed to keep them alive.


The composter is being hugged by the Arrowhead plant that was thrown on the compost pile.  Plants know how to find the elements that sustain them.  But how?  The composter will remain a flower pot for now and I will just watch the wonders of nature.

More Turtles


There is something about my backyard that seems to attract turtles.  These photos were taken several years ago of a pair of Box Turtles.  Box Turtles have visited frequently.  The turtles blend into the leaf debris and are hard to see.


Well, these two were definitely up to something.  The smaller one with the bright orange head is a male.  I once had a sighting of a female digging a hole to lay eggs, but she changed her mind.  Many turtle eggs do not hatch because of predators eating them.

Take a look at this previous post of a Red Slider that showed up also.

An Orange Polka Dotted Turtle


A turtle showed up in the backyard. Hopefully, it is a female and is looking for a place to lay her eggs.


From what I could find on the internet, I believe this is a Three-toed Box Turtle, but some have four toes.   I think the orange polka dots are pretty cool.

Entry and Exit


Fences make good neighbors, as the saying goes.  Some neighbors, namely, backyard critters don’t feel that way.  Fences are just an obstacle to chew through or dig under.  This is the fence on the left side of the house.

Every rabbit, raccoon, armadillo, turtle, squirrel, cat and dog know exactly where the holes are.  There are exits at each end of the back fence.


Yes, the holes have been filled in or blocked off.  A new one is just dug again by one animal or other.  This hole is the way to the front yard.


The time came for a new fence.  The fence guy said, don’t worry about the critters chewing the fence or digging holes any more.  As you can see, the fence is way above the ground.  I guess there will be no need for digging.


Anyway, the new cedar fence makes a nice backdrop for the garden.

Flashback Friday


Blood Lilies are the flashback this week.  They have done really well in the garden and are flowering bigger than my hand.  Happily, the lilies have also started to reproduce.

Check it out Blood Lilies.


This Guy Needs a Mate and Other Happenings


Several times every morning, this Red Bellied Woodpecker drills on that same piece of gutter.  It took a few times of running out of the house to see what the noise was about until I discovered the Woodpecker.  This behavior has been going on well over a month.  This guy needs to find a mate!


Frick and Frack, the Carolina Wrens, built another nest on the porch in a pot next to the back door.  They wisely decided to abandon it, probably due to the constant slamming of the door.   The Wrens did not go far and have been in the yard with their new brood.

Another bird sighting that I was unable to photograph, is several young American Robins.  Robins usually head north for the summer, but in recent years they have begun to stay here on the steamy Gulf Coast.  I am thrilled to have them singing in my trees.


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