Attentive Gardening

With rain, you get Rain Lilies and this year’s display was spectacular. The couple of bulbs I bought years ago that just sat around doing nothing, have come alive and planted themselves all over the yard. (click on a photo for slideshow)

Aristolochia fimbriata, is the third kind of Dutchman’s Pipe that I grow.  It has tiny flowers and the nurseryman said it would attract butterflies.  I’ll wait and see.

I had to add another photo of the spiral ginger.  The flower is hidden behind the leaves and I enjoy peeking in everyday to see its progress.

My sweet little Peter Pan Agapnathus has made several flower heads this year.


After two years of hard winters, the Shell Ginger finally bloomed.

The African Blood Lily has done extremely well and seems to like our gumbo soil.  It makes huge blooms every year and has even multiplied. A mild winter and an attentive gardener (me staying home) has resulted in a late Spring full of blooms.

When It Rains…You Get Rain Lilies


Day two after a rain shower.


Day three and they are in full bloom.


Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes) are in the Amaryllis family.  They are so interesting as they almost always bloom three days after it rains.  Rain Lilies can tell the difference between sprinkler water and rain water.  Only water from Mother Nature will make them bloom. This one blooms in the spring although some are fall bloomers. Rain Lilies also come in yellow and white.  There are wild ones that grow here on the Gulf Coast and have a wonderful scent.  They reproduce by seeds and offsets.  If the flowers are snapped off before going to seed, they will continue to bloom several more times.  Their leaves are evergreen and look nice all year, which is just perfect for the Automatic Garden.