So Tiny

How nice would it be to spend the day on a yellow bloom? A tiny baby brown anole enjoyed the sunshine on Bartram’s Oenothera grandifloria.

Lizard Spa Day

What is a lizard spa day?  Hot rocks, tanning and a good peel.

You Never Know Who Is Watching

You never know who is watching while working in the garden.  I spotted the head of a toad peeking from a hole.  It burrowed into the soft soil the Cicada Wasps have dug up.

While working near the house, I found this brown anole watching me from a weep hole between the bricks. The brown anoles live out front and the greens are in the back yard. (He is small and the photos were taken with a phone, so not the best.)

This time, I’m the one watching this little green anole.  It is so tiny and cute exploring the world it just entered.

Yup, I Like Lizzards


A Brown Anole (Anolis sagrei) has been hanging out in the moss rocks.  It knew I was watching him and stood still for some photos.


The Brown Anole has an interesting pattern on its back.

IMG_2553Later, after maybe too many photos, it decided to show some displeasure and puffed up its dewlap.