Got Kids? Try a Pet Plant

Do you remember Tamagotchi, a virtual pet that kids carried around and had to care for it? Well, how about a Pet Plant?  I was a volunteer at the elementary school’s Garden Club and this was one of our projects.  It would be a great time to start a Pet Plant and it is fun for kids and adults.

Most of the items to make it are probably already in you home.  Start with a small bottle such as the cookie sprinkles one I used here. Plastic is best for kids.

Add something that will stay wet like a cotton ball or wadded up paper towel.

If you would like to wear it, tie on a long string (use your judgement for your child) or just carry it from place to place as you move around.

Lima beans are the classic seeds, but use whatever kind of seed you may have. Make sure it stays damp and watch your Pet Plant grow.

Give it a name.

As your Pet Plant gets big, take off the lid and eventually plant it in soil.

*Of course, seed germination is a great science project.

15 Comments on “Got Kids? Try a Pet Plant”

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Well, it is more interesting than Pet Rock.

  2. Clever idea. I’ve got a friend who’s babysitting two of her grandchildren for the duration. I’ll send this along to her. Thanks for sharing. But it does remind me of hearing about my mother trying to teach my brother Richard about water evaporation. They poured some water into a glass and set in on a window to see the evaporation take place. Unfortunately, she failed to mention to him how long it would take for the water level to drop significantly. About an hour or so later she realized Richard was being very quiet, so she went looking for him. Yep, he was patiently waiting for the water level to drop. So be sure to explain to the child that the seed won’t sprout in an hour or so. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is fun and educational. Love it. Beans would be great.

  4. shoreacres says:

    It’s a clever idea. Naming the plant’s perfect. I was trying to think what I’d call a lima bean. “Larry” just seems so pedestrian.

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