Sweet and Petite

Early Springs brings very sweet and petite flowers that are one time bloomers.  The Purple Oxalis has been joined by a white one that is sold here as Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Violets bring back childhood memories of my siblings and me picking as many of them as we could from the yard before it was time to mow the grass.

This Ageratum doesn’t seem to mind the cold and has been growing new leaves and buds through the winter.

The Crocosmia took a rest last year and did not make any flowers.  This year a few are coming.

This darling little white flower is a bit of a mystery.  I must have gotten it at a plant exchange and was told it was a ground poppy.  I cannot find any information on it and maybe someone will recognize it.  The leaves emerge in late winter and the plant has multiplied, but seems to move all over the bed.  When the summer heats up, the plant disappears.  None the less, it is a welcome sign of Spring.

If anyone wants to try to identify this, here is a photo with the leaves.

“They” Said Don’t Do It…


…don’t plant violets.  “They” said they would spread and fill your beds.


“They” were right, as “they” usually are.  Now my time is spent removing the violets that have grown out of their bounds.


But still, it is hard to resist the violets’ darling faces!


More Signs of Spring


A few more flowers are starting to open like this Billbergia Nutans.  This year is a stark contrast to February and March posts from a year ago.


The Bulbine is a keeper for the Automatic Garden.  They didn’t even blink during all the freezes.


This clump of light colored violets opened up as happy as can be.  Another plant that made the cut.