November Wildlife

I always love the visiting wildlife in the yard.  This day started with a rabbit waiting on his breakfast.

One sign of Fall is the arrival of the American White Pelicans.  Every morning they take a long lazy flight.

A very unexpected visitor was this Tersa Sphinx Moth.  I was weeding and when I brought my hand out of the plants, the moth was attached to my glove.

Take a close look at this photo to see the pine cones that were eaten by the squirrels.  The ground was covered with the scales after the seeds were eaten.  The squirrels had quite the feast, as a large area was littered with pine cone remains.


All Together

To conclude the Summer of the Moth, here are all the nocturnal visitors together. Which one is your favorite?

DSC_0296Luna Moth


Tersa Sphinx Moth


Banded Sphinx Moth

DSC_0250(rev 0)

Pandora Sphinx Moth


Mournful Sphinx Moth



Tersa Sphinx Moth


Another moth landed on the back porch.  This one is Tersa Sphinx Moth that  feeds on pollen.  It is about 3 inches long and has a beautiful sleek body with interesting shaped wings.


Its coloring looks like fine grained wood.  It is a nocturnal creature and was probably on the porch that morning because its life cycle was ending.

In case you missed it, check out the Luna Moth.