Strawberry Pot

Strawberry pots can sometimes be hard to fill, but the Automatic Garden had a solution.  Wishbone Flowers (Torenia fournieri) had germinated all over from last year’s plants.  I transplanted all the free plants into the strawberry pot and was rewarded with a beautiful display.  Best of all, my patio cracks will be full of plants for next year.

Pot O’ Volunteers

The black pot had been sitting in a bed in the front yard for several years.  Its purpose was to hold the Golden Dewdrop Duranta (the tallest plant).  Over time some, volunteers decided the large pot would be a great place to grow. White Penta and Abelmoschus Moschatus seeds dropped in. Even the Passion Flower is attracted to the pot.  Luckily for them, I love volunteers and the plants have a happy place to grow.

Another volunteer that I am thrilled with is the Wishbone Flower (Torenia fournieri).  Its tiny seed is able to lie low all winter and germinate when the temperature rises.  Its nickname is Summer Pansy, as it is too hot to have real pansies here in the summer.

Shortly after photographing the pot full of volunteers, I came across another Abelmoschus volunteer growing in the cobble rocks.  It was quickly moved to a bed.  Volunteers are a great way to keep the garden full.

Unexpected Blooms


I have only seen this Dutchman’s Pipe bloom in the spring, but it decided put on some unexpected flowers at the end of this summer.    The vine wasn’t doing well and I have been giving it some extra attention which definitely worked.


Torenias are great little plants that grow really well in our hot summers.  Unfortunately, the rabbits also love them.  Somehow this one reseeded in the cobble rock between a sprinkler head and the corner of the garage.  The rabbits don’t seem to travel in this area and the Torenia kept its flowers.


In this part of the country the Torenia is often called summer pansy.  I guess it is the closest plant to a colorful pansy that will grow in our heat.