Enjoying the Sun

After having some rainy days, warming up in the sun was the activity for the day.  These two tree frogs clung to a pole and a stick out in the open while they slept for the day.  They serenade all night long, chirping to each other.


This Tiger Swallowtail is huge at 5 1/2 inches long and caught my attention as it rustled the Shrimp Plants close to where I was working.  I have seen about five different kinds of butterflies so far this year.  Hopefully, their numbers will continue to increase.

The Anoles are always warming up in the sun.  The one on the right is showing off by puffing up his dewlap to warn me away.


For some reason, the Skinks have been extra fat this year.  This one is enjoying a hot rock.

Even the Ribbon Snake was out looking for some warmth, but hurried away when the camera came out.

Hello Mr. Greenjeans


Mr. Greenjeans just popped up to say hello.  As he is always around the garden, he deserved a name.


He can easily glide across the top of this camellia.


Mr. Greenjeans has a sly smile as he slithers towards the sun.


This green Ribbon Snake can easily climb up last year’s Texas Star Hibiscus stems. He is a graceful and amazing creature.







Now there’s two.


There is nothing like a sunny day to bring out the cold-blooded.  The big Ribbon Snake, or one just like, it has been in the garden for years.  It will curl up and watch me work and sometimes it will slither across the porches.  The snake helps out by eating insects and other varmints.