Backlit: An Ephemeral Moment

While doing yard work, I walked by this poppy beautifully backlit by the sun.  I took a quick photo with my phone. When I went back a short time later, the sun had already moved.

Our world has slowed down for the virus and now is the perfect time to catch those ephemeral moments we may miss in our normal busy lives.

Flashback Friday


This Poppy is one of my favorite flowers.  I was visiting a botanical garden, back when I was just beginning to garden, and spotted what I thought was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen.  I went into the visitor center to ask what it was and the attendant gave me some seeds!  That was close to 20 years ago.  The Poppies (and I don’t have their name) are very finicky, but I have grown and harvested their seeds for all these years.  Take a look at one of my favorite posts, Poppy Love.

The Automatic Garden in Action


The Poppies are almost finished and their seed heads are ripening.


The Poppies’ seeds were scattered in late October after the Balsam Impatiens finished. Balsam Impatiens are great reseeders as their pods pop open and fling the seeds out for perfect planting.  They were grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.


The Balsam Impatiens (the small plants with pointed leaves)  germinated just when the Poppies are ending their growing season.  Perfect timing for the Automatic Garden.


A Good Poppy Crop


I fell in love with this Poppy as a beginner gardener.  I spotted it at a local arboretum and and noticed that it must reseed as many were coming up as volunteers.  I don’t have their exact name, but they are a peony poppy.


I inquired into what they were and a kind volunteer gave me a few seeds.  The rest is poppy history and this unexpected gift is  carefully grown each year.


This year produced a good crop of seeds and this is the first harvest.  The seed heads are checked everyday and picked as soon as they open.  The heads are shook out every few weeks as they dry in order to collect most of seeds.  The seeds actually stay viable for several years.


Anyone care to guess how many tiny seeds are here?


The seed heads dry nicely and can be used in decorating.  They can be cut with long stems and put into dry arrangements.



Second Anniversary

April is the second anniversary of the Automatic Garden Blog.  It is a good time to look back at some favorite plant photos.


Confederate Rose


Canna seed pods.


Butterfly Weed pod

Screaming Anole.


William Bartram’s Evening Primrose.


Poppy love.


Hummingbird with a bee under its wing.


The last rose.