Composter Flower Pot


The power of plants.  They grow in cracks, on rock cliffs, building roofs, and gutters.  These Philippine Violets were not going to give up after being pruned and thrown into the composter.  Incredibly the plants were able to find the small holes to stretch through and receive the sunlight needed to keep them alive.


The composter is being hugged by the Arrowhead plant that was thrown on the compost pile.  Plants know how to find the elements that sustain them.  But how?  The composter will remain a flower pot for now and I will just watch the wonders of nature.

Fall Blooms

Dutchman’s Pipe is a host for butterfly caterpillars.

Blue Salvia is a favorite of bees and hummingbirds.

White Rain Lilies are delightful in this time of year.

Wild Trailing Bean (Strophostyles helvula) attracts bees.

Clerodendrum a beautiful blue fall bloomer.

Torenia  reseeded from the spring and provided fall blooms that  brightened up the garden.

Camellias are a wonderful fall and winter flowers that hummingbirds  feed on in the winter.

Philippine Violet is a perennial that also reseeds.


One advantage of living on the Gulf Coast is that the garden  doesn’t stop at the changing of the seasons.  Planning is essential to the Automatic Garden.  Choose perennials or reseeding annuals that begin their blooming times when the summer plants are coming to the end of their season.