Kisses in the Morning, the Walking Iris

I had a nice crop of white chocolate Hershey Kisses this year.  My Walking Iris, Neomarica gracillis, took a hit from two years of freezes and it has finally recuperated.  It is originally from Brazil and can be grown as a houseplant, which explains why it didn’t like the cold.

In the morning the flower starts out in a Kiss shape.  Here it is starting to open slightly and the flower’s colors are showing.

The Walking Iris opens bit by bit revealing the flower inside.  I have seen videos on the internet of it opening, but I don’t have the patience to sit and wait.  I was able to catch the flowers in various stages of opening during one shoot.

The Iris’s flowers only last for one day, but it will continue to open in a secession of new blooms.  Mine has been blooming since Easter and I think it might go for two more weeks. After the flowers bloom, little plantlets form making the stem heavy enough to bend to ground for the plantlets to root.  This how it was named Walking Iris.

Walking Iris


Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) looks like a white chocolate kiss in the early morning.


The flowers form on long stems that eventually make their way to the ground to start a new plant.


Those who are patient can watch the flowers bloom, as one petal pops open at a time.


These beautiful Irises last just one day, but the plant blooms about five times during the spring.