Caterpillar Relocation

The Monarch caterpillars are doing so well that they ate all the leaves from some of the Butterfly Weed plants.  I gently collected these big fat ones for relocation.

The caterpillar got right to work munching on the new leaves.  Having too many Monarch caterpillars is definitely a good sign for the population.

The Sign Works!


Monarch Butterflies spotted the sign and stopped at the Waystation.  Most of them looked faded and ragged, which may indicate that they have migrated from Mexico or a warmer part of Texas.  The arrival of the Monarchs was a welcome site, as very few have been seen in the Automatic Garden after being in a drought for several years.


Of course, if helps to have the Monarch’s favorite Milkweed or Butterfly Weed available.  It is the plant the butterflies lay their eggs on to ensure another generation will continue the journey.


The Monarch Caterpillar can munch through quite a few Butterfly Weed plants before forming their chrysalis.   Check out Monarch Watch by going to the website on the sign.