The Survivors


One of the edicts of the Automatic Garden, is to grow tough plants that come back or reseed every year. Here are a few of toughest that survived two freezes without a bit of burn.  Above is a Mexican Hat.


This Bartram’s Oenothera grandiflora hasn’t missed a beat.  It germinated last summer and has just sat and not grown much.  The fungus has found it though.


The Ligularia was not fazed at all.  It is under some tree limbs that may have helped.


Peruvian Lilies are considered invasive by some.  In other words, a darn good hardy plant!


This Toad Lily really seemed to like the cold.  It wasn’t even noticeable a few weeks ago and some critter usually eats most of it.


A happy surprise from this blooming violet.  It will be interesting to see which plants re-emerge from their frozen foliage.  It will be a true test to see the plants that are truly worthy of the Automatic Garden.

Field of Dreams


OK, maybe just a bed of dreams.  Dreams of the spring and summer to come. All the plants have been cut back to prepare for new growth.  In the Automatic Garden, most of the plants are re-emerging from their roots and their seeds, that were dropped in Autumn, are beginning to germinate.  It is hard to believe that in a short time, the bed will be so full that the stepping stones will be covered.  And best of all, the weeds won’t be seen!


Cone Flowers that got a head start from the warm rocks.


The Mexican Hat will completely fill in and cover the cut stems.


A mixture of self-sowing and collected seeds.  There is sure to be some “surprises” in the mix.


Butterfly Weed will be ready for the spring migration of the Monarch butterfly.


Dutchman Pipe Vine  will soon cover the support.


Nasturtium from new and collected seeds.


Mealy Blue Sage comes up from roots and self-sows.


Shrimp plant easily roots from a stem touching the ground.


Black Eyed Susan that is a prolific reseeder.