Surprise Fall Bloomers

This Fall I had some plants decide to bloom after many years of being flowerless.  I’m not sure what could have caused this.  Maybe it was the two hard freezes we had last winter.  The Ligularia has been nothing but big green leaves for years. But, this year put out several stems of cheery yellow flowers.

The Pink Japanese Anemone, which is a butterfly favorite, has only put out a few sad flowers in the past.  This Fall there was a record breaking 12 stems that have bloomed for weeks.

The most surprising is my Angel Trumpet.  It is in its second blooming and started while temperatures were in the 30’s.

Will the flowers last and be Christmas Angels?



The Survivors


One of the edicts of the Automatic Garden, is to grow tough plants that come back or reseed every year. Here are a few of toughest that survived two freezes without a bit of burn.  Above is a Mexican Hat.


This Bartram’s Oenothera grandiflora hasn’t missed a beat.  It germinated last summer and has just sat and not grown much.  The fungus has found it though.


The Ligularia was not fazed at all.  It is under some tree limbs that may have helped.


Peruvian Lilies are considered invasive by some.  In other words, a darn good hardy plant!


This Toad Lily really seemed to like the cold.  It wasn’t even noticeable a few weeks ago and some critter usually eats most of it.


A happy surprise from this blooming violet.  It will be interesting to see which plants re-emerge from their frozen foliage.  It will be a true test to see the plants that are truly worthy of the Automatic Garden.