Can’t Win

I used to have two large vegetable gardens.  I did everything I could to keep the animals out and nothing worked.  So, I had the good idea to get a raised planter for lettuce that rabbits and other terrestrial animals couldn’t reach.  Unfortunately,  the squirrels could get to it and dug in the soil to bury nuts.  Next, I covered it with food tents.  The squirrels found that the food tents would make good nesting material and began to strip the fabric.

I put the tent back together, pinned it down and the next day the squirrels took the whole thing.

I reached my wit’s end and looked through the garage for anything to cover the planter.  As you can see, I cobbled together trays, bent hangers and plastic mesh.  Yes, the squirrel did squeeze between the trays and dug some holes, but there is still some lettuce left for me.  It is hard to win against mother nature, especially if the opponents  are her squirrels.


Winter Salad

This is the second year I used my very tall rabbit- proof greens garden.

I planted the seeds, went on a trip putting Mother Nature in charge and came home to a full bed of lettuces.

My rabbit- proof garden does not grow much, but it makes a nice small salad to go with lunches.  Here is a quick recipe for dressing made from ingredients you probably have around the house.

1/4 cup of red wine vinegar

1 TB of olive oil

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon of pepper

4 garlic cloves minced or jarred garlic

The dressing has a bite to it, so I use it sparingly.  Store in a small jar in the refrigerator.

First Picking

The winter lettuce garden is doing well.  I love the planter on wheels that I can move from a hard rain or freezing temperatures.

I had my first picking just the other day.  The small lettuce bed will provide a daily side salad for lunch.


I Shall Have Lettuce

I had to give up my vegetable garden years ago, as the only ones enjoying it were the animals that came into the yard day and night.

I miss fresh lettuce and I’m determined to grow some.


The first step was to elevate the lettuce to keep the rabbits out.  A tall planter was purchased.


Next, squirrels had to be thwarted from digging by covering the plants with picnic tents.


The tents keep lizards out too.


Finally, the tents had to be tied down so they wouldn’t blow off.

Yes, I shall have lettuce!