A Good Place to Land

I’ve had a pot with a Four O’Clock sitting next to a bed from last Fall until now.  Quite a variety of seeds found the pot to be a good place to land and germinate.

The pot contains the Four O’CLock, a couple of weeds and five kinds of plants that can be transplanted.  There is a Salvia,  two Jewel of Opar, Hardy Gloxinia, Moses and Wild Trailing Bean. Could gardening be any easier?

The Plant Hunter

The plant hunter would be me.  There is nothing I like more than free reseeding plants.  I find that most seeds prefer to germinate where they land and do better than when I plant them.  A Chocolate Plant (Pseuderanthemun alata) is happily growing in the Moses (Tradescantia spathacea) pot.

A Polka Dot seedling is hiding in the Rex Begonia.

The Clematis pot is an especially popular area for seeds to drop into.  There are a couple of Bartram’s Evening Primrose, a Polka Dot plant, a Jewel of Opar and a Wandering Jew vine.

Moss is host to Hardy Gloxinia seedlings.  There is a proper flower bed right there, but the moss seems to be the place to germinate.

My favorite place to plant hunt is cracks.  Somehow that small space with hardly any soil is a fruitful place to find many different plants.

Crack Plants

It is always amazing how many plants (and weeds) germinate in cracks.  Surely there is not much soil in there.  Most of the young seedlings in these photos aren’t weeds, but the garden favorites of Bartram’s primrose, coleus, jewel of opar, mother of thousands and some herbs from a pot on the patio.  Actually, it will work out well if the crack plants make it through the winter, they can just be transplanted into a bed.  What is even more amazing is the plants that have grown to nearly full size in a crack.  And to top that, no one bothered to pull them out!

Automatic Seeding


Seeds from the plant Jewel of Opar, have been carefully collected and saved.  This packet is one of many.


The plant produces tiny sweet flowers that become red seed capsules and then dry to brown.


As it turns out, there was no need to collect the seeds.  The plant drops seeds in cracks, other pots,the lawn and beds.


The seeds germinate quite easily and the little plants just need to be transplanted or passed along to fellow gardeners.


ICU Patient


Here in the Automatic Garden every plant is given a second chance.  Sometimes it is necessary to put them in the Intensive Care Unit and out of sight.  The ICU  is in a bed in the farthest corner of the garden under shady trees.  Plants are watered by the sprinkler and left in nature’s hands.  This Jewel of Opar was barely alive.  Forgotten it was left out during the freeze and seemed to be dead and gone.  Weeks later, to my surprise, the pot was filled with a growing Jewel of Opar.