A Beastly Bug

Most consider bugs beastly, especially when they show up in human spaces and mess with our stuff.  This creature is over the top.  Maybe E.T.’s are what we call bugs.

I was standing on my patio when this insect dropped out of the air onto the arm of a chair.  It looked like some kind of grasshopper with prey.  I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping.  The bug was more interested in lunch than me, so I was able to get a few photos.  Once I blew up the picture, the true beast emerged.

I had no idea what this creature was, when it popped up on “pbm garden” blog from North Carolina.  She identified it as a Red-footed Cannibal Fly (Promachus rufipes) and I think the name fits it.


Katy Did It

There is no doubt about who ate a hole in the Peace Lily.

Pandora Sphinx Moth

DSC_0250(rev 0)

This is a photo from a few years ago, but as this seems to be the year of the moth in the garden, I thought I would post it.  This is a Pandora Sphinx Moth.  Its coloring is spectacular and is certainly meant to keep the moth blended into the background.  It is also nocturnal and feeds on nectar.