Perfect Blue

The sky was a perfect blue.

And a perfectly blue visitor came to feed.  This beautiful bird is an Indigo Bunting and surprisingly, it is really black. The diffraction of light through its feathers make it look blue.

Through the years, other Indigo Buntings have come through the garden around the same time, probably from their winter home in Mexico.  Some may nest near this area.  An interesting fact about the bird is that their numbers have actually increased due to lumbering and energy line tree cutting.  The Buntings enjoy wooded areas next to open fields.

Morning Blues


When I looked out of the window this morning, all I saw was blue.  The usual Blue Jays were feeding and a beautiful visitor (left side of photo) stopped by for breakfast.  This first photo was taken quickly through a window, so it is not very sharp.


The visitor is a male Indigo Bunting.  He probably has flown up from Mexico or Central America on his way to his breeding grounds.  The Indigo Bunting is not really blue at all.  The Buntings and Blue Jays are actually black and refracted sunlight makes them appear blue.


To continue with the blue theme, I snapped a couple of blue flowers.  This  was one of my winter selections that waited until spring to bloom.  I think the plant is some kind of Delphinium.


Diana’s Delight Clematis is having a very good year with the most blooms I’ve seen on it.  Yes, it was advertised as “blue” although I’m not totally sure, but today I’m calling it blue.

The Clematis took a bad spill when a raccoon tried to get the hummingbird feeder down.  It turned out to be a lucky accident as the Clematis is very happy in its new pot and soil.