Tickled Pink

Spring is always an exciting, but an anxious time in the garden waiting to see what plants have survived the winter.  I was very pleased and tickled pink when the Polka Dot plants appeared.

The pink Hypoestes phllostachya were added last summer and I was not sure if they were hardy enough to come back.  They are growing in a shady bed that is primarily green and the colorful leaves added interest to the area.

The white Polka Dots have been doing well for a couple of years now.  The have even reseeded.  An added plus is that rabbits do not eat them. The Polka Dots are doing so well that I purchased more for a bigger display.  I garden in zone 8b to 9, but these colorful cuties are also great houseplants that could spend the summer outside in a shady area.

Moving Day


It is moving day in the Automatic Garden.  The tender tropicals spend the winter in the garage.  Usually, they come back outside as early as mid-February, but this year was much colder.  The Amyarillas were stored in the garage and deprived of water to encourage blooming.


These are two of the four Tropical Hibiscus that spent winter inside.  They are feeling a little peaked from low light.


The Coleus wintered over for the second year.  The houseplants that love the Gulf heat and humidity will need some work to get them looking good, but they always come back.  These are just a few of the plants being moved.