Dazzling Disneys

The Hedychium coccineums, otherwise known as Disney Gingers, are dazzling this year.

The Gingers are blooming a little earlier this season,  due to rain and an early Spring.

The Disney Gingers have really multiplied this year and have very robust flowers. Quite a few haven’t bloomed yet, so the show will be extended for weeks.

Morning Surprises


This stunning White Texas Star Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccineus) made its presence know this morning by putting on a surprising show from across the yard.  It had been struggling, not blooming and mostly forgotten.  Today it received full attention.


A “Disney” Ginger was spotted peeking out from behind the fence.  Click on the photo twice to find it.


After further investigation, a small colony of escapees were found.


This Hedychium coccineum ginger is a good choice for the Automatic Garden.  It just needs some directional guidance!