The Automatic Garden

Within several days we had freeze and then nearly 6 inches of rain.  The frozen plants turned into a mushy mess.

Just when all seemed hopeless, the Automatic Garden showed its grit.  It wasn’t long before these tough plants started putting up new shoots.  A plant that can take this crazy Gulf Coast weather of drought, floods, and freezes is a keeper!

The plants pictured are a Canna, Hardy Begonia, Russelia and a Salvia. Many more plants have started up from their roots and soon, as the days lengthen and warm, the seeds that were dropped in the autumn will germinate.


Isn’t Nature Grand?

The ginger, Dancing Lady came up through the Snowdrop bulbs last summer. ( See the June 1 post.)  Now it has made corms to drop for new plants next year.  The Snowdrops will soon take its place.

Next year’s Salvia plants sprouting at the base of the older ones.

New leaves for a new season on the Hardy Begonia.

Beautiful blood red veins.

Paperwhites have popped up among the Saliva.  The Paperwhites will bloom when the Saliva is gone.

Peruvian Lilies are emerging as the Resurrection Lily ginger is disappearing for the winter.

Last year’s leaves are mostly gone after providing  nourishment and moisture throughout the summer for the trees.  Now that fall is here, the ground will be replenished with newly fallen leaves.


The Automatic Garden is preparing for future seasons.  The changing of the season has stimulated some plants to end their growth and others to begin. Even the soil benefits from nature’s seasonal cycles.