Bee Pandemonium

It is pandemonium at the hummingbird feeder. Just days ago there were a few bees and a butterfly.

A signal must have gone out to stimulate the need to get ready for the winter. The feeder was emptied in a manner of hours.

I used my long lens to capture the photos from a distance. I do not know if these are honey bees or wild bees, but maybe someone could help identify them.

The air is so crowded with bees, that I cannot get close enough to change the nearly empty feeder.

Sweet Treat for Pollinators

It was a busy day at the hummingbird feeder, but not for the hummers. A Monarch Butterfly had been visiting for a few days and I finally got a photo.

Bees are also interested in getting the sugar water. Every time they got close to the butterfly, it flapped its wings to shoo them away. The hummingbirds are currently feeding from autumn blooms.

Cheapskate or Recycling Hero?

It was a secret that I kept hidden for years.  My penchant for reusing things.  It was somewhat embarrassing that I was so cheap!  Now as it turns out, I have been way ahead of my time and I am a bonafided recycler.  Here are some of my cheapskate recycler ideas.  I hope you too can find a use for things that would otherwise be thrown away.


A pudding container makes a excellent scoop.


Packing peanuts can be used as filler at the bottom of a pot.


Lids from delivery food containers can be used as saucers.


All sizes of containers can be used for seed collection and storage.


Some seeds need containers with lids.


Plant labels that are blank on the back can be reused.  Pencil works best and can be erased.

Neglected Lawn Furniture

Hot days and rain spurred this tropical house plant to grow.  The vine going up the chair on the right, escaped its pot last summer and happily rambled through the wooded area all year until it found something to climb.

This runner came straight out of its pot and began covering the chair.


There was not much sitting around this summer and the plant surely took advantage of that!   It did not take long for this tropical plant to creep over the chair and it may possibly end up covering it before winter arrives.  Never underestimate the power of plants.