This and That

I have taken various photos around my yard that don’t really go together so here is a post of “this and that”.  I was trying to change the focus on my camera and took I shot into the wooded area.  It turned out pretty good.

I came across this giant 3 inch bug on the cobble rocks.  It was dead and not something I want to see flying at me while alive.  I’m not really sure what it is and spent some time looking at pictures of cockroaches to identify it. I had enough of that and gave up.

Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria psittacina) is pretty, but don’t ever plant them.  I was looking for its botanical name and an article came up asking how to get rid of them.

This chubby skink with no color or stripes was sunning on a rock one afternoon.

I had to buy a new Passion Flower plant this year as the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly caterpillars totally ate my last one.

I just thought this Rosy Wolf Snail was pretty against the moss rock.

And that is it for “this and that”.


Enjoying the Sun

After having some rainy days, warming up in the sun was the activity for the day.  These two tree frogs clung to a pole and a stick out in the open while they slept for the day.  They serenade all night long, chirping to each other.


This Tiger Swallowtail is huge at 5 1/2 inches long and caught my attention as it rustled the Shrimp Plants close to where I was working.  I have seen about five different kinds of butterflies so far this year.  Hopefully, their numbers will continue to increase.

The Anoles are always warming up in the sun.  The one on the right is showing off by puffing up his dewlap to warn me away.


For some reason, the Skinks have been extra fat this year.  This one is enjoying a hot rock.

Even the Ribbon Snake was out looking for some warmth, but hurried away when the camera came out.

Brand New


This cute little baby was navigating around the leaves in the natural area of the garden.  It is barely 2 inches long and its brown coloring blends well to keep it safe.  I was able to coax it onto my glove and take a quick shot with my phone.  I am guessing it is a Skink as they are usually found slithering among the leaves.

Critters in the Garden


This baby critter was checking out the yard with his three siblings who escaped under the fence into the neighbor’s yard.  Armadillos are very strange looking animals.  There always seems to be a family around the garden.  They are usually out at night, but these juveniles are doing things their way, as many youngsters do.  Armadillos plow through the grass and beds looking for grubs and other crawly creatures to eat.  Not a friend of most gardeners.


This diminutive guy finally revealed himself.  Over the last little while, I caught flashes of something jumping quickly out of sight, but was never able to identify it.  A couple of years ago one of these frogs was hanging out in flower pots.  It was assumed he was lost as there aren’t any ponds or water features here.  Apparently, they are just happy with sprinkler water.  I haven’t been able to find much information about these frogs, but I believe they are called Needle Nosed Frogs.


Another mystery has been solved when this rather unattractive critter revealed itself.  Click on the photo to really get a good look.  Lately, an animal larger than the regular lizards has been darting around the front yard, diving into leaves and out of sight.  For some reason it finally decided to pose for a photo.  Maybe it thought I really could not see it.  As far as I can tell, this is a Texas Spiny Lizard.



This gal has been hanging out around the patio for years (or her ancestors).  She is a Five Lined Skink and the blue tail indicates it is a female.   These critters are all over the garden and slither in a snake-like fashion.  I have been trying to photograph them for years and this is the best so far.


The male has an orange jaw during mating season.  As the Skinks age, their stripes fade.  This guy looks like he has had some combat experience as his tail is missing.  Does that make him more attractive to the female?  Earlier in the day they were sunbathing together on the porch.  Skinks in love!