Azalea Preview


One of my most viewed posts is Azaleas.  I can only take that to mean that gardeners really like looking at them, so I am doing several posts. Azaleas do well in my area and are planted in just about every yard.

More Azaleas are opening and this coming week should have them in full bloom. I am a little concerned about the heavy rain that is coming, but fingers crossed the Azaleas won’t be ruined

These two Azaleas are Judge Solomon and are supposed to be pink.  One is much more orange.  Luckily that one was planted in the back of a hedge of Azaleas.

The first Azalea is a much darker purple than the photo picked up and I have lost the name of it.  The next is an Encore Autumn Embers, which blooms several times a year and the last is a George Tabor.

The final photos are not Azaleas, but they are planted near by and compliment them.  The Tulip Magnolia is in full bloom (I love the star shape on the inside), as are the Loropetalums.

Azalea fans can click on the photos to make them larger.

A Late Spring


Spring came late to the Gulf Coast.


The Azaleas are just beginning to bloom and are about two weeks late.


The Ancore Azaleas usually bloom a month earlier.


The Japanese Fern always returns and grow to full size in just a few weeks.


This Rudbeckia was a surprise bloomer and had continued to grow during the cold winter.


Bluebonnets have bloomed as early as February in past years.  The great thing about a blog is that it gives an instant diary of of the garden.


Blooming Shrubs for Autumn


Encore Azaleas bloom at different times throughout the year.  This one is a great fall bloomer.


Camellia sasanquas is the first camellia to bloom in the fall.  It has a wonderful scent and when brought inside will fill a room with its perfume.


This dark pink is another sasanquas which is the “sister” of the one above and they are  joined forever for life.  For a couple of years it seemed as though this shrub had a personality problem.  It was sold as white, but the next year it bloomed dark pink.  The year after that it was white again!  Finally it revealed its true self and bloomed white and pink.  What?  It turns out that someone had grafted two different colors to one shrub.


This sweet Camellia sasanquas blooms right outside a window and gives a happy greeting every morning.


The Shui Shui camellia is a low growing shrub that will bloom through December.  It is planted with full southern exposure and takes the heat well.  It never disappoints.


As the weather cools down and the sunlight lessens, the Automatic Garden keeps blooming with Azaleas and Camellias.



Azaleas herald the beginning of spring on the Gulf Coast, blooming in their full glory as early as the second week of March.


They will grow into large mounding shrubs if lightly pruned. Azaleas are in the Rhododendron genus and the most popular for this area are the Indicas.


Encore azaleas bloom on and off all year long.


Azaleas come in many colors and the Automatic Garden has about 25 individual shrubs.  Azaleas love the acid soil in garden, courtesy of the many Loplolly Pines.


Lighter colored azaleas show off their “leopard” prints.  A favorite spring pastime in this area is going on one of the Azalea Trails.