Don’t Poke Your Fingers Into a Weep Hole

I found this very long Black Snake sunning on the cobble rocks next to the bed where I was about to transplant some seedlings.

Of course, I pulled out my phone and started taking photos. The snake turned and began coming towards me.

I took a few steps back and continued snapping.

As it turned out, the Black Snake was just trying to get away from me to the safety of a weep hole in the bricks.

I have found with my snake encounters, that they are just as afraid of us as we are of them. But in the future, I will not be poking my fingers into weep holes.

19 Comments on “Don’t Poke Your Fingers Into a Weep Hole”

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, my! While I love the role snakes play in my garden, I always shriek when startled by them! 🙂

  2. shoreacres says:

    That’s one good-looking snake. Long and slender isn’t quite so nerve-wracking as big and ‘mouthy.’

  3. Tina says:

    Snakes are so shy, for the most part. I love it when I come across one of our little ones, but they clearly don’t feel the same about me. Terrific photos!

  4. At least not without a flashlight examination first.

  5. I remember one snake pretending he wasn’t there as one of our horses ate his breakfast. It was about 4 ft long and 4 to 5 inches around, hanging down the partition between two stalls and then the front of him lying along the ledge between the concrete bottom of the stall and oak planks above. The minute I let the horse out and turned back to get his feed bucket that snake was gone. I also watched two black snakes mating on a partition between two stalls. After a while I got used to seeing them and no longer shreiked in surprise.

  6. That is great, no weep holes for you (or me) we have numerous black racers in the garden.

  7. Deb says:

    I like a snake as long as he stays in the woods,the only little snake that can be in my garden is the little green gardener

  8. Ann Coleman says:

    I feel the same way! I’m not afraid of snakes, but I don’t want to surprise one either.

  9. Misti says:

    Whoa! Cool and surprising encounter!

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