Baby, It’s Cold Out There

The temperatures dropped and the gang showed up. Several flocks of little yellow birds arrived to chow down at the feeders and pick bugs from the trees. There were Pine Warblers, Orange Crowned Warblers, Yellow Rumps and Goldfinches.

As it turns out, the finches will only eat fresh Nyjer seed and I had to quickly run to the store to grab a bag. The knowlegable staff told me I could freeze the seed for next year. The Nyjer seed is expensive and the birds are usually gone before they finish a bag. Another feeder is full of sunflower seeds that give the birds the energy they need.

Another winter visitor that has been around for some time is a Rufus Hummingbird. I have enough blooming flowers in the winter to attact the hummer and I supplement with a sugar water feeder. On these cold days I make sure I have the feeder out before dawn.

17 Comments on “Baby, It’s Cold Out There”

  1. Tina says:

    Great set of shots–those American Goldfinches are such darling little birds! And you have a hummer, so nice! I know they overwinter here, but I haven’t seen one during winter in a very long time.

  2. Just the thing to keep you going on a cold day.

  3. Deb says:

    It might be cold but the birds are looking happy. We are having a cold snap also,hope it kills some unwanted bugs.

  4. shoreacres says:

    I’ve had Niger seed out, but no one’s coming by to enjoy it. On the other hand, my pine warblers are making short work of the dried mealworms, and now a couple of mockingbirds have shown up, too. The shelled sunflower seeds go first, and even more chickadees are arriving for those. I have one squirrel who’s decided shelled peanuts aren’t to his taste, and he’s doing his best to get into the tube feeder filled with sunflower chips. When I see him at it, I got out and throw an extra handful into the platform feeder, and that keeps him happy.

  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Sweet garden friends!

  6. Chloris says:

    What wonderful winter visitors you have and great photos.

  7. Nice pictures, I think we are at the winter bird peak..

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