A Good Place to Land

I’ve had a pot with a Four O’Clock sitting next to a bed from last Fall until now.  Quite a variety of seeds found the pot to be a good place to land and germinate.

The pot contains the Four O’CLock, a couple of weeds and five kinds of plants that can be transplanted.  There is a Salvia,  two Jewel of Opar, Hardy Gloxinia, Moses and Wild Trailing Bean. Could gardening be any easier?

11 Comments on “A Good Place to Land”

  1. Deb says:

    Guess they liked the pot sign of proven winners.😁

  2. Lucky! hope you can separate and replant them somewhere.

  3. The seeds near you all say, “Now there’s a green thumb if ever I saw one. Think I’ll grow here.

  4. Thank is so funny and a happy coincidence. I couldn’t get four o’clocks to flower for me to save my life, yet my friend in South Carolina says they are her favorite. Are they more of a Southern flower, or maybe they just don’t like me.

    • They do not bloom until the Fall for me, so I’m guessing your season is just not long enough. If you really want one, you could grow it in a pot and bring it in for the winter. The tuber in the one I dug up was 7 inches long. I think the plant would live for years. And because I can’t help myself, I put the tuber in a pot and it sprouted this spring. I think freezing is the only way to kill them.

  5. shoreacres says:

    Well, speaking of garden successes, the duranta hanging basket I bought in January and repotted is finally starting to bloom. It doesn’t get enough sunlight, but I’m going to move a few things around to get it at least a half-hour more each day. I need to get it out of the squirrels’ path, too. When they start to play chase, it takes a beating. Maybe one day a bee will find it.

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