Going Against Good Advice

They told me not to plant it.  Yes, experienced gardeners told me. If you have figured out my MO, you know I cannot resist a flowering plant that likes this climate, loves to reproduce and is free.  That of course, is the downside of the Four O’ Clock.  Its sweet scented flowers fill the evening with perfume that is hard to resist, but it also grows a tuber that is as big as a size 7 clog and every flower produces a seed with a high rate of germination.  I have pulled up hundreds of seedlings and finally found the perfect shovel to dig out the tuber that was growing close to my other wanted plants.  My advice is that if you want to grow a Four O’ Clock, put it in a pot over concrete and sweep up the seeds.

23 Comments on “Going Against Good Advice”

  1. Tina says:

    I have two of them…:) So far, there hasn’t been many seedlings and the ones that do happen, I yank up. They can be a menace though and your warning to gardeners is wise.

  2. As Sinatra sang…regrets I’ve had a few…. me.too.

  3. That is too funny! Someone told me four o’clocks were their favorite flower, so I grew it from seed in a pot last summer. It never flowered once – all summer. I was not impressed. Obviously I didn’t have the problem you have. Not sure if I’ll give them a second chance.

  4. shoreacres says:

    The mother of a friend had four o’clocks in an old veggie garden area that had been well fertilized. She let the thing go until it resembled that creature from the Little Shop of Horrors. The flowers were feet tall. When they finally dug them out, the ball of roots and tubers and whatever was bigger than a beach ball. Be advised!

  5. carol says:

    I can relate. Passion flower, cannas, Obedient plant……..on and on.

  6. Deb says:

    They can be invasive,I like mine alone the old cow pasture fence. They are one tough plant!

  7. Sheryl says:

    I’ve never raised four o’clocks, but I think that they are annuals up here.

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