Azalea Preview


One of my most viewed posts is Azaleas.  I can only take that to mean that gardeners really like looking at them, so I am doing several posts. Azaleas do well in my area and are planted in just about every yard.

More Azaleas are opening and this coming week should have them in full bloom. I am a little concerned about the heavy rain that is coming, but fingers crossed the Azaleas won’t be ruined

These two Azaleas are Judge Solomon and are supposed to be pink.  One is much more orange.  Luckily that one was planted in the back of a hedge of Azaleas.

The first Azalea is a much darker purple than the photo picked up and I have lost the name of it.  The next is an Encore Autumn Embers, which blooms several times a year and the last is a George Tabor.

The final photos are not Azaleas, but they are planted near by and compliment them.  The Tulip Magnolia is in full bloom (I love the star shape on the inside), as are the Loropetalums.

Azalea fans can click on the photos to make them larger.

13 Comments on “Azalea Preview”

  1. shoreacres says:

    I think the loropetalums might be what I’m seeing around here. I’ve only noticed some small bushes in past years, but just yesterday I saw an entire neighborhood filled with them — in medians as well as yards. Some were short and trimmed, and some were quite tall. I think they might be what’s spreading a nice fragrance around — are they fragrant?

    I was thinking I needed to figure out what they are, and I do believe you’ve done my work for me.

    • The leaves stay red all year. Yes, they have a slight scent. Different varieties have been developed over the years. The first ones I had can grow to 10 feet tall, if not kept trimmed. The ones in the photo are about to be removed, as we cannot trim them without using a ladder.

  2. The first azalea picture looks like Formosa which my favorite of the Indica “Indian” azaleas!

  3. Christina says:

    I’m actually not a great fan of Azaleas but I liked your post. Your Magnolias are way ahead of mine, which are still tightly closed buds.

  4. Deb says:

    I love azaleas.. I just wished they would bloom all year. They aren’t blooming here almost though.

  5. Chloris says:

    I particularly love the magnolia and I have never seen a loropetalum so full of flowers, they seem to bloom quite sparsely here.

  6. janesmudgeegarden says:

    It’s quite difficult to grow azaleas here as the summers are a challenge for them, as is the soil. When my garden has developed some shade perhaps I might try. It’s nice to see your wonderful collection. The one with the forgotten name is especially ravishing.

  7. pbmgarden says:

    I adore your azaleas. Makes me (briefly) sad and nostalgic for my former garden. Enjoy.

  8. tonytomeo says:

    Oh, these were our second most important crop, only second to rhododendrons.

  9. Oh, I miss Azaleas. Much as I used to disrespect them. I think the orangey one next to Judge Solomon is a Fashion. Have you considered tree forming the Loropetalum instead of asking it to leae the garden? They make great Crape Myrtle like evergreens.

    • I am conforming to the HOA. They also block my view (safety concerns) and I had others removed years ago for the shorter ones. The landscape architect should have never put those in. I do have one I let grow out on the edge of my natural area and it must be 20 feet tall.

      • When they first came to the US, the 80s in Atlanta. The Aussies said they grew 3 feet tall. My mother had one of those that was taller than the one story part of her house. Chain saw time!

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