Rosy Wolf Snail Entertainment

During my daily plant watering, this Rosy Wolf Snail, Euglanding rosea, crawled out onto the sidewalk.

The Snail was on a mission and ignored me.  Ants were crawling right by it, but that was not what the Rosy Wolf was hunting. This rather large snail eats smaller ones and was looking for slime trails.

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I love to watch these creatures crawl around, as I usually only find them curled up in their shells.  I put a Coleus leaf beside the snail and the leaf caught its attention.  The snail crawled over to check it out and left a silvery slime trail behind on the leaf.  After being thoroughly entertained by the Rosy Wolf, I moved it to a garden bed to keep it safe and hopefully it will eat some of those pesky plant eating snails.

8 Comments on “Rosy Wolf Snail Entertainment”

  1. That is nearly salacious! A lovely snail, though – I have never seen before. Texas thing?

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    How interesting! I would have stopped what I was doing and watched it, too!

  3. shoreacres says:

    I’ve never seen one of these. In fact, I don’t remember reading the name anywhere. The shell is beautiful, and the snail seems more active than most I see. In fact, most of the snail shells I find have lost their resident long ago.

    When I read of the trouble it’s caused in places like Hawaii, where it’s responsible for the extinction of several species, I wondered if it was native here. Unfortunately, I found it on the Texas Invasive Species page, where they mention that it’s considered one of the hundred worst invaders.

    Why is it that so many invasive species are so pretty?

    • shoreacres says:

      Well, well. I spoke too soon. Several other sources like Texas Invasives Database say that the Rosy Wolf Snail, although introduced, isn’t invasive in Texas.

      The good news is that while I was looking for a second source, I found the Molluskman — what a great site! And he makes the same point you do in some of your posts: that this is a great addition to a garden.

      • I was looking at the same site and yes I wondered about it being invasive. I don’t like to kill anything, so I would relocate them, but Houston gardeners say they are fine for the garden. Now I welcome them.

  4. Tina says:

    Terrific set of photos; like Shoreacres, I’m not familiar with this snail either. Gorgeous shell color!

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