Perfect Blue

The sky was a perfect blue.

And a perfectly blue visitor came to feed.  This beautiful bird is an Indigo Bunting and surprisingly, it is really black. The diffraction of light through its feathers make it look blue.

Through the years, other Indigo Buntings have come through the garden around the same time, probably from their winter home in Mexico.  Some may nest near this area.  An interesting fact about the bird is that their numbers have actually increased due to lumbering and energy line tree cutting.  The Buntings enjoy wooded areas next to open fields.

17 Comments on “Perfect Blue”

  1. Christina says:

    Wow! that bird is just sooooooooooooo blue!

  2. Tina says:

    You, are a lucky gardening/birding girl! How nice to have such a visitor. Nice to see the color-coordination between bird and sky!

    • The post was going to be a little short, so I added the sky. I really couldn’t get very close to the bird, so the photos were not very good. Mostly, I find it interesting how they show up about the same time every year.

  3. Beautiful bird, I have never seen one, occasionally we get Painted Buntings here.

  4. Deb says:

    The bird is for sure handsome,but those squirrels are cute!!

  5. shoreacres says:

    I’ve seen exactly one of these birds in my life. It showed up in a tree outside my kitchen window, and lingered for two or three days. It was completely exciting — I’m so happy you get to see them more regularly. I think your photos are just fine — the squirrels are a nice addition, that help give an indication of their size, and the color is glorious.

    A fellow who lives in Bridge City has had a pair of scarlet tanagers nesting in his garage. That’s another brilliantly colored bird I’ve never seen, but would love to encounter.

  6. pbmgarden says:

    So beautiful. Haven’t seen an Indigo Bunting in years.

  7. Huh? You can tell I was no good at science, because I don’t understand how that very blue bird can be black.

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