Sad Return

After a weekend trip, I returned home to sadly find almost all my plants had taken a hard hit from a lower than expected freeze.  I had put most of the tropicals into the garage, but I wasn’t overly worried about the rest of the yard. Even if I was home there was not much I could have done.

If you would like to see the carnage up close, click on photos to make a slide show.

Not all plants were lost and above are some photos of the tough ones.  I was happy to see (the second photo) that the Poppy seedlings made it. The baby caterpillars are still alive and the hummingbirds have chosen to stay. Needless to say, the weather has already changed and we are heading back up towards 80 degrees!

Here’s to starting the New Year with lots of exercise (cutting down all the dead plants) and new beginnings in the garden.

10 Comments on “Sad Return”

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    I’m so sorry! I know how much you love your garden.

  2. Tina says:

    Ah yes, the winter work begins and I’ve rediscovered (as no doubt, you will too!) muscles I’d forgotten about. 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    Are all the plants actually dead or will they come back in spring? It is always sad to come home to find plants suffering; for me that usually happens if I’m away in summer and they summer from too little watering.

    • Many are root hardy and probably a majority it will come back. Unfortunately because of our unusually hot weather, many plants put out their spring growth early. I hope they will be able to start again.

  4. shoreacres says:

    I was talking to a couple of guys Monday night who live around Hobby airport, and they lost a good many plants, too. And even here on the water, there are a lot of brown and mushy plants. Of course, many of them that bit the dust here are tropicals. With those, it’s like building in Galveston. You can do it, but be prepared for what can happen!

  5. The cold snap created an opportunity to buy more in the spring!

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