Seeking Heat


A Norther blew in and the temperatures dropped into the 30F’s.  I was surprised to see this very fat Skink sunning itself in the corner of the garage. They are usually not seen this time of year.


A Buff-bellied  hummingbird appeared in the garden just after Thanksgiving.  The bird was not enjoying the cold and the chill slowed down the very active hummer long enough to snap a photo through the kitchen window.


The Buff-bellied is about 4 inches in length, which makes it a big hummingbird in this area.  It has beautiful dark green and buff feathers when lit by the sun.  Enlarge the photos see the colors better.  The last time one visited the garden was the summer of Hurricane Ike.  The small bird rode out the storm and was feeding the next day.

But never mind about the weather as they say down here, just wait a minute and it will change.  The wind has shifted and is blowing  from the Gulf bringing the temperature up 30F degrees and summer will be here later in the week as the mercury hits 76F.

12 Comments on “Seeking Heat”

  1. Tina says:

    Impressive photos of your hummer–especially through the window! Texas weather–just wait a few minutes and it’ll change.

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    Oh, I would love some 75 degree weather about now! And thanks for the photos of the birds.

  3. Haven’t seen a hummingbird since September and our skinks disappeared about a month ago just before the first freeze on November 20. This past spring, I discovered one still hibernating in a container garden when I was changing out plants.

  4. shoreacres says:

    Galveston hit a (December) record 81 yesterday, but it was 60 this morning, and I felt the wind shift into the north this afternoon. Now, I can feel the cold through the glass. Here we go again!

    I hope your hummer’s gone on his way. I am hearing goldfinches everywhere, and I saw a huge flock of new waterbirds this afternoon. I think they might have been coots, but I didn’t get a close enough look. The goldfinches always are a sure sign of cold up north. We’d better find our own snug spots.

    • Believe it or not, the Buff-bellied hangs out in this part of Texas all year. My flowers are still blooming and keeping the hummer in my garden. I noticed yesterday he did drink from the feeder. Usually I have a Rufous for the winter, but the Buff-bellied may be keeping them away. The Rufous come down from the northwest as far away as Alaska. I am set up for goldfinches, but none have come yet. Enjoy the hot weather over the weekend until it changes!

  5. I think we are all slower when it gets cold. 30F seems cold for your area though — isn’t it?

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