Why Decorate?


After being away on a trip, we returned home to see the neighbors had put up their Christmas lights.  As we pulled into our drive, I caught a glimpse of glowing rose colors lighting up the front beds.


It took a second to realize that we had not decorated and the landscape lights were hitting the ShiShi Camellias causing them to light up.


So why decorate? Nature is providing its own Christmas display.  The hollies are loaded with berries.


Red climbing roses have decked out a tree.


Cannas are covered in glowing reds


and also have formed their own round ornaments.

10 Comments on “Why Decorate?”

  1. Christina says:

    Why indeed. How lovely you have so much beauty in your garden this season.

  2. karen says:

    If I had those flowering in my garden I wouldn’t put up decorations either. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking at a camellia called Yuletide which flowers now and is a beautiful deep red.

  3. Chloris says:

    I always think Christmas decorations look tacky unless they are made of natural plant material. Your plants look gorgeous, much nicer than anything artificial.

  4. Beautiful! Mother Nature does the best decorations. You are making me wistful for Camellias – i always had Yuletides and really enjoyed them.

  5. Ann Coleman says:

    Wow! You do have natural Christmas decorations! I wish my yard looked that nice this time of year!

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