And Now I Know


I found a couple of frogs in the yard that I could not identify.  The internet doesn’t always provide the information you are seeking, so the next best source is an actual person.  I found one at the Houston Museum of Natural Science that was able to identify my frogs.


This cutie is a Gray Tree Frog .  It will spend most of its time in trees and doesn’t move around much during the day.  It also has a distinctive call and I do remember hearing a louder peeper at night.


This frog is a Southern Leopard Frog.  I am told they are mostly aquatic, but they seem to be in my yard quite often and there are no ponds nearby.  Maybe they enjoy the sprinkler system.  I recently saw a rather large one hopping in one of the beds.  So, now I know the names of my backyard visitors.

Note:  I wrote this about 9 months ago and never posted it.

11 Comments on “And Now I Know”

  1. Chloris says:

    They are both so cute, specially the little Gray Tree Frog. We only have the Common Frog here in the UK. Not only do you get more spectacular butterflies, but you get cuter frogs too.

  2. I see Leopard Frogs here, I haven’t seen the Gray one – I think the introduced tree frogs ate most of the good ones!

    • I have only seen the Gray frog once. I was told they are usually identified by sound and not sight.
      Is everything going OK after the hurricane?

      • Hmm, they are probably lurking around here somewhere. As far as the hurricane goes, we have piles of debris (branches,etc) that are just starting to get picked up. Everyone has power and they are starting to clean up the broken branches over the power lines. Our water never went off – I think the Carolinas got a lot worse. i just need more space to pile up the loose debris that is still coming down. We are very impressed with our metal roof, you can tell the screws around the edges were loosened by the wind.

      • Clean up is never fun. Hopefully, the city will collect branches. I’m glad your roof stayed on…better tighten those screws!

      • Agreed. It was interesting what did well and what broke and blew away. I thought the native trees would fare better, but they didn’t. Now I have to find a roof guy!

  3. shoreacres says:

    Have you ever seen what I think is a toad — all black and brown spotted, with a textured skin, like it’s covered with little buttons? When I get back home again, I need to find out what it is. I found it at a local nature center, and nearly stepped on the poor thing, it was so well camouflaged.

    I’ve never heard of the gray one. They are both cute. I’m bad about seeing frogs — I usually scare them up at the water’s edge, and they’re gone before I see them.

  4. They are kinda cute, your frogs.

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