Snakes in Gardens


For some reason I am seeing Copperhead Snakes everywhere.  Usually, they are around mostly in the Spring, but there seems to be a new brood of snakelets this Fall.  The first photo, taken on September 10th, is a medium sized one, probably a juvenile.  I was cleaning out a bed when I spotted it.


While volunteering at our botanical garden on the 13th, I was pulling weeds around this baby Copperhead that was molting.


On September 19th, this big snake was exploring outside my kitchen window.


It caught my eye because the rabbit was also in the same bed and was acting strangely.  The only predators for Copperheads are the occasional hawk and  humans.  But I swear I saw a rabbit kill a Copperhead once, the rabbit had blood on it and the snake was dead.


This was an interesting situation and I watched it play out while safely inside taking  photos through the window. The rabbit took a non aggressive stance and kept an eye on the snake until it moved on.  When all was clear, the rabbit went back to its favorite napping spot under the Camellias.


Two days later, I spotted a little head from the other side of a flower pot, but it turned out to be a rather large Five-lined Skink.

20 Comments on “Snakes in Gardens”

  1. I’m all for sustaining natural habitats, but luckily we have lots of back rat snakes that are pretty good at keeping copperheads at bay.

  2. Yes, here in the Piedmont of North Carolina it seems copperheads are snake of the year! Must be that ebb and flow of population growth!

  3. Chloris says:

    Oh my goodness, you are so cool about it. How do you ever dare go in the garden, never mind actually gardening with these snakes around? I wouldn’t ever go outside.

  4. Love the pictures, especially the rabbit, the wary rabbit! I have a 8 foot Coachwhip in my garden I would love to get a picture of, and not a rodent in sight.

  5. Ann Coleman says:

    Wow! Copperheads scare me…. I don’t mind nonpoisonous snakes, but I am very nervous around the poisonous ones!

  6. Spy Garden says:

    We saw a copperhead last weekend (and one last year). They sometimes live in communal winter dens with black rat snakes.

  7. FlowerAlley says:

    Great photos of Copperheads, rabbit and skink.

  8. Wow–copperheads are poisonous, right? I thought our Western rattlers were unnerving but at least you could hear them coming!!! No snakes to speak of where we live now. (I think!)

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