Gingers Showing Off


The Gingers have really put on an end of summer show and  I think they out did their spring blooms.  The Hedychium are sending out fabulous scents that entice me to the back corner of the yard several times a day to inhale their sweet smells.


Hedychium coccineum “Disney”


Hedychium thyrsiforme “x maximum”

Kaempferia pulchra “Bronze” and Curcuma parviflora “White Angel”


Hedychium hybred “Pink V”


Cucuma hybrid “Emerald Chocozebra”


Globba globuliferaG “Purple Globe”


And the one that started my collection, Hedychium coronarium “White Butterfly Ginger”.  Thank you Joyce.

13 Comments on “Gingers Showing Off”

  1. Yum, time for that smell app. My gingers are pitiful compared to yours! I will keep working at it, do you have Shell Ginger? if so, how do you tell when to cut the stalks?

    • Yes, I have a variegated one. I just cut out a lot of stalks and I usually do it when the leaves are yellowing after they bloom. Mine does not seem to bloom every year, so as long the leaves look good, I won’t cut them.

      • Hmm, thanks, the buds are difficult to discern, I have cut the stalks after the flowers but some of them haven’t flowered and are yellowing. The Varigated ones here don’t flower as much as the green ones. I am going to just cut off the ugly ones and hope for the best. My Blue Ginger from Hawaii has sprouted!

  2. Chloris says:

    Oh what beauties. I think Disney is my favourite, but they are all lovely. I grow Hedychium coccineum ‘ Tara’ but she blooms in August and is long gone.

  3. karen says:

    I love all of those. I have to grow mine in the greenhouse here. The scent is just amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. Christina says:

    What exotic plants you have

  5. Beautiful! I’m the kind of person who loves to admire beautiful flowers, but have long since given up gardening. So thanks for sharing so we non gardeners can enjoy the flowers vicariously.

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