Been Missing You


Several plants that have not bloomed for years, decided to finally put out flowers this year.  I usually keep plants as long as they are alive, even if they have not bloomed.  It paid off this year.


This beautiful 8 inch flower is an Angel Trumpet (Burgmansia).


The red lily is commonly called School House or Hurricane Lily as it blooms at the beginning of school and hurricane season. It has not bloomed in such a long time that I had to do some research to remember what it was called.  It is also know as Oxblood Lily (Rhodophiala bifida).


This Passion Flower was in really bad shape.  I had left it in large pot in the far end of the yard.  I brought it closer to the backdoor and tended to it on a daily basis.  I was rewarded with fragrant flowers.  It hasn’t bloomed in such a long time, that I thought it was purple and was quite surprised to see it was white!

12 Comments on “Been Missing You”

  1. Very pretty blooms. Love the white passion flower…so striking.

  2. Christina says:

    The passion flower is exquisite.

  3. Ann Coleman says:

    How nice to have your patience rewarded!

  4. One of my favorite aspects of gardening, the little surprises along the way. Pretty flowers.

  5. pbmgarden says:

    Your Brugmansia is a wonderful color. Nice reward for your patience.

  6. Tina says:

    The brugmansia is gorgeous, as is the white passion flower. My oxbloods are popping up, day-by-day.

  7. Beautywhizz says:

    These are beautiful, worth waiting.

  8. Wow. These are all exquisitely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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