Child’s Play


One of the gardening chores I hate the most is adding soil and compost to the beds. After our floods this year, quite a bit of the soil has washed out of the raised beds. One of the tenets of the Automatic Garden is to always have something growing and blooming.  This rule makes it difficult to add to the existing soil.  Poking around in the garage, I found some help.  The good old Radio Flyer wagon and one of my kids’ old shovels.  Needless to say, the shovel looks like new as none of the kids were inspired to use it.  Luckily, the shovel worked well to maneuver the new soil between the plants making this job child’s play…not really, it is still hard work!

8 Comments on “Child’s Play”

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    Actually, that sounds like a very good idea!!!

  2. Had to laugh, I inherited my mother’s wagon and it stays in the garden.Mulch is my nemesis.

  3. Amazing what one will find when one starts poking around in sheds, basements rooms and garages….

  4. We had a wagon from mid-2000’s, didn’t last more than 2 years on our little farm! Keep that one as long as you can! PS, hope you’re not being hit with any of these tropical storms.

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