More Turtles


There is something about my backyard that seems to attract turtles.  These photos were taken several years ago of a pair of Box Turtles.  Box Turtles have visited frequently.  The turtles blend into the leaf debris and are hard to see.


Well, these two were definitely up to something.  The smaller one with the bright orange head is a male.  I once had a sighting of a female digging a hole to lay eggs, but she changed her mind.  Many turtle eggs do not hatch because of predators eating them.

Take a look at this previous post of a Red Slider that showed up also.

5 Comments on “More Turtles”

  1. I see the turtles as well, maybe they like our gardens!

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I love box turtles! There’s just something so cool about them…

  3. Sheryl says:

    We also occasionally get turtles in our yard, and similarly to you, I’ve seen them digging holes to lay eggs. I think that the ones I’ve seen actually laid the eggs – though I’ve never actually seen any baby turtles.

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