This Guy Needs a Mate and Other Happenings


Several times every morning, this Red Bellied Woodpecker drills on that same piece of gutter.  It took a few times of running out of the house to see what the noise was about until I discovered the Woodpecker.  This behavior has been going on well over a month.  This guy needs to find a mate!


Frick and Frack, the Carolina Wrens, built another nest on the porch in a pot next to the back door.  They wisely decided to abandon it, probably due to the constant slamming of the door.   The Wrens did not go far and have been in the yard with their new brood.

Another bird sighting that I was unable to photograph, is several young American Robins.  Robins usually head north for the summer, but in recent years they have begun to stay here on the steamy Gulf Coast.  I am thrilled to have them singing in my trees.

14 Comments on “This Guy Needs a Mate and Other Happenings”

  1. Tina says:

    Lonely hearts woodpecker–may he find the love of his life, or, at least this season, soon.

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I wonder what makes the robins stay? Great photos, by the way!

  3. The woodpeckers here like the light shield on the street light?

  4. Haha, I wish you could figure out a way to wingman for the pecker… ha ha…. 😉

  5. tomrains says:

    Nice to have some birds around! I live in the concrete jungle of NYC, but I do hear some birds outside my window from time to time – I just haven’t quite found where they’re hiding!

  6. The song of the birds is such a blessed thing, isn’t it?

    • Yes it is. We had a time when all the birds left recently and people were writing to the papers about the missing birds. I did a post on it. The silence was too much. Happily they are all back and having lots of babies.

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