Even Baby Bunny had enough of the rain and sought shelter under the bushes.


This is Patch.  Yes, all the bunnies have a name.  That way I know who to yell at when they are eating my flowers.  Patch was watching me take photos.  I called out to her and the next thing I knew, she was standing at my feet.


Well, it was time for breakfast.

4 Comments on “Bunnies”

  1. They are that tame?

    • Oh yes! One of them will now come onto the porch and wait for me to get the food from the garage. Two came running up to me today and my daughter was sitting on the patio and had to put her feet up on the chair when one of the rabbits came over. I am afraid I created scary bunnies!

  2. Chloris says:

    You feed your rabbits? Don’ t they repay your generosity by eating your plants?

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