Rain, Rain Go Away


It has been raining since last Friday.


It is not going to stop until Monday.  My area received 5 to 7 inches in the last two days.  The nearest rain gauge has been washed away.


I have just given up on the bed with the big pot in it.  My neighborhood is safe.  Others near rivers are not so lucky and hundreds have been evacuated.  Cattle are being driven down roads to high ground and horses are standing on porches while helicopters drop feed.

8 Comments on “Rain, Rain Go Away”

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    That kind of flooding is scary! Hope you stay safe, and I’m glad they’re taking care of the animals, too!

    • Unfortunately, there are some sad animal stories which were not shown. The water is up to 6 miles from the river in some places. But, one that would warm your heart was of a news reporter finding a dog tied to a house with water up to its neck. The reporter waded in and got the dog loose and took it to a shelter.

      • Ann Coleman says:

        Thank goodness that reporter spotted the dog and was willing to go in after it! Floods are so dangerous, to people and animals. I hope the rain lets us soon.

  2. Wow, and when did the drought end? We could use the rain here. One of my favorite aspects of what I jokingly refer to as “The Star Trek” future is their global weather net. Keeps everything even, I guess.
    Hope you dry out soon and the river keeps going by.

  3. Ann Coleman says:

    Sorry, I meant “lets up” soon

  4. Sheryl says:

    Whew, the rains sound awful. It’s good to hear that your neighborhood is safe – though it’s got to be just terrible for those on lower grounds who are affected by the flooding. Hopefully the rain will quit soon.

  5. Tina says:

    Glad you’re safe, though the heavy rains are certainly a problem. I’m always hesitant to wish the rain away, but yeah, I think we all need a break from it.

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