We are experiencing our second flood since April 18th, the Tax Day Flood.  Our closest river and lake are out of  their banks.  The photos are of the greenbelt that winds through the wooded areas of our community.  The black paint on the path marks the way to two different streets.


This is the view looking straight down the path.


And this is to the left.  The overflow is from the lake which is man-made from damming the river.  No walks through the woods today. This greenbelt is less than two blocks from my house.  We are high and dry, but not everyone is so fortunate.

Here are the stats. Friday it rained 7.6 inches.  This past week we had 11.36 inches making the amount since April 29th to be 15.32 inches of rainfall.

And as of last May 29,2015,  72.48 inches of rain has fallen. These readings are from the county rain gauge closest to the neighborhood.  Our drought is definitely over!

9 Comments on “Flooding”

  1. pbmgarden says:

    An amazing amount of rain. Hope nature finds more balance in your area.

  2. Tina says:

    Yup, spring in Texas–too dry or too wet. This year (and last), too wet. Glad you’re safe and wishing the same for everyone else.

  3. Ann Coleman says:

    I’m glad your drought is over, but it would have been nice if the rainfall was spaced out a little bit more. Glad your house stayed dry!

  4. I’m sorry about that. It would have been so much better to get ‘a farmer’s rain’ after a drought but Nature had other plans.

  5. gaiainaction says:

    It is hard to see all this flooding on the land and in gardens. For once Ireland is having warm and dry weather and it seems odd to think that others are now having to cope with flooding, I do hope it all soon balances out for you. Lets hope the earth is drinking it all in and replenishing itself after the drought. Take care.

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