A Gardener’s Obsession


Obsession is a word that can be applied to gardening.  How many times does a gardener head outside to do a few quick chores and finishes hours later? That was the plan. Finish three quick tasks. First off was to photograph the Butterfly Weed seeds ripening outside the kitchen window.


Next, the potted plants had their daily watering.


Lastly, the porch needed a quick sweep to get the newly hatched Shrimp Bugs cleaned up.  The chores were done in no time.  As part of my daily habit, it was time to take a stroll through the gardens.


It is never that simple. A big branch had to be removed from on top of the Azaleas.


While the branch was being moved, I noticed the Sword Ferns had left their boundary.  The ferns needed to be pulled and there was many more than pictured.


Heading to the backyard, I could see the Rain Lilies were ready to be deadheaded.


Walking up the driveway to admire the gingers, I was pleased to see new sprouts coming up.  They needed to be protected from the rabbits, which led to getting supplies from the highest garage shelf and cutting netting and stakes to the right length.


While working on the Gingers, I found one that had left the bed.  Naturally, it had to be potted up, so I searched for an empty pot and soil for that job.


The hanging upside-down pot caught my attention when I hit my head on it working in the Ginger garden.  It was empty and needed to be filled.  I found some Torenia seedlings and potted them.


And I just couldn’t walk away from the Wax Myrtle runners that were coming up in the Ginger bed.  They had to be cut.

About 3 hours later I finished. And oh yeah, I then decided to photograph everything to make a post.  Add another half hour.

11 Comments on “A Gardener’s Obsession”

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    Isn’t it odd how sometimes work….just creates more work?

  2. Sounds like my typical garden tour, oftentimes what I started to do doesn’t get done.

  3. Chloris says:

    So what you have actually been doing is pottering. And nothing is more fun than pottering in the garden.

  4. A gardeners work is never done….

  5. gaiainaction says:

    Brilliant pottering indeed, so therapeutic too. Though at the moment if I went into my garden, I would be in there for a week of days (and nights) there is so much to do 🙂 Love your photos.

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