Baby Announcement for Frick and Frack


Frick and Frack’s three eggs have hatched.  Meet the newest Carolina Wrens, Frank, Frankie and Freeda.


Mom and Dad have been busy keeping them fed.  It is a multi-step process getting to the nest and making sure no predators are watching.


The meals have been small moths, little worms and various bugs.


I missed  the shot, but the parent was pulling out a fecal sac.  The nest is kept very clean.


When I finally got the shots I wanted for the post,  I noticed that evening the adult Wrens were not tending the nest.  I grabbed a flashlight to see inside and found the nest empty.  It was the day the baby Carolina Wrens were ready to go out into the world.  I wish them well!

3 Comments on “Baby Announcement for Frick and Frack”

  1. Tina says:

    They grow up so quickly!! I adore Carolina Wrens, so I’m tickled that there are a few more in the world. A pair that spend time in my garden had a nest, though I never figured out where it was–probably the neighbor’s house. I was out of town last weekend and on Tuesday morning, I saw the parents ushering a new fledgling into the world of flight. I’m guessing all is well, as they’re still around. Yay for Carolina Wrens!

  2. Sheryl says:

    The babies are adorable. I wish them well as they go out into the world. 🙂

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