Disappearing Bluebonnets


Every year my front yard usually has a nice display of our beloved state flower the Bluebonnet.  I plant seeds and also buy plants to insure a full display.  There are usually enough Bluebonnets to get a good photo of family members in front of them.  The above photo is from years past.  This year was not a good year.


As usual, I  planted as I described above only to find all the Bluebonnets eaten.  Being optimistic, I ran to the garden center and bought more to plant.  Again, all the Bluebonnets were gone along with other plants and camellias.  Early one morning I found the culprit, a buck with the biggest rack I have seen in my neighborhood.  Apparently, he spent the fall eating all my front landscape.  The deer did miss one little corner of my yard and three Bluebonnets have survived. I guess I had to take what I could get this year without the usual dazzling blue display.

11 Comments on “Disappearing Bluebonnets”

  1. Tina says:

    Venison, anyone?

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    Those bluebonnets are beautiful! Hopefully, the deer will move on to someone else’s yard before they are all gone.

  3. Oh well, I think a turtle ate my tomatoes.

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