Frick and Frack: The Saga Continues


Frick and Frack

Decisions Are Made

Plans Are Changed



A new year and and new nest.  This year Frick and Frack are building on the porch again.  They are trying out the chiminea.  The Carolina Wrens picked a location that will be dry and is high enough that cats and raccoons may stay away, but the chiminea is right in the path of humans coming in and out of the garage.


Frick and Frack have spent days building the nest.


Each takes a turn adding the building materials.  The Wrens are using pine needles, mosses and dried leaves.


It is hard to get a good photo, but look at the nice weaving of the pine needles.  It is amazing that the birds instinctively know how to construct a nest.


Some of the materials were just too big to fit.  It will be interesting to see if this site will become Frick and Frack’s actual nest this year.




6 Comments on “Frick and Frack: The Saga Continues”

  1. Tina says:

    Sometimes, they pick the darndest places.

  2. Love your use of the chiminea, the birds do as well! Ours was left behind when we moved.

  3. Good luck to Frick and Frack. At my house, a pair of Carolina wrens have built among the plants in a 4-foot tall urn the past two years and lost their babies to preditors. Maybe since this one is so close to the house, they will be okay.

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